The KPLEX Project partners have been funded under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research programme to undertake a 15-month investigation of the ways in which a focus on ‘big data’ in ICT research elides important issues about the information environment we live in.

The project will be delivered by the following 4 organisations:

Trinity College Dublin (IE)

Data Archiving and Networked Services (NL)

Freie Universität Berlin (DE)

Tilde (LV)

The project will investigate 4 key themes:  Toward a New Conceptualisation of Data; Hidden Data and the Historical Record; Data, Knowledge Organisation and Epistemics; and Culture and Representations of System Limitations.  The overall structure to deliver this will be as follows:


As an ICT-programme ‘sister project,’ the primary purpose of the project is to inform future research and policy in the ICT space. The team is committed to sharing results widely to inform philosophical debates in both the technical sphere as well as in the digital humanities.

A first publication from the project is already available as: “Will Historians ever Have Big Data?” by Jennifer Edmond in the Proceedings of the 2nd IFIP International Workshop on Computational History and Data-Driven Humanities, Springer IFIP AICT, ed Bozic, Mendel-Gleason, Debruyne and O’Sullivan